Design factoryNVL Studio

NVL Studio is one man design factory located deep in the woods at Turenki, Finland. Factory produces beautifully designed websites that are easy-to-use. Company is founded by Aleksi Partanen.

“No awards, no trophies, no big wins. Just a bunch of happy customers.”

Websites in your pocket

In today's world websites doesn't sit on your desk anymore. Tablets and smartphones have become more and more common. Predictions are that by 2014 mobile will be the dominant form of web browsing.

The spectrum of screen sizes and resolutions is huge. Creating own version of website for every device size is not very smart idea. This is where responsive web design comes in.

Responsive website responds or resizes itself depending on the device screen size and resolution. Device could be a 27-inch iMac, a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

To see how responsive web design works, open this site on a on a desktop browser and make the browser thinner and wider. The layout adjust itself to fit the width of the browser.