What I’m doing right now?

I live deep in the woods of Turenki, Finland. Turenki is such an amazing little village that has population around 8 000. Peaceful, small, simple, not too beautiful, bunch of good friends and plenty of old folks. Love it.

I ride my Swedish military bike every day to my office. I design, code, write, take pictures, drink coffee, read books and take a short photowalks.

Recently I've been rebuilding and redesigning website for Trukki Timlin. They have some tools that also require little bit UI work.

Last week went to photograph stairs for Grado Design. We are also starting to redesign their website, page by page later on the spring.

For the past 6 months I've been taking biweekly calligraphy class. It's something totally new to me and I'm loving it.

Currently reading children's money book from Dave Ramsey, Smart Money Smart Kids. Also been reading Derek Sivers Anything You Want and Pricing Design by Dan Mall.

I'm a long time listener of EconTalk podcast by Russ Roberts. Also been loving Freakonomics podcast by Stephen Dubner.

This site was updated January 30th, 2017. When things change, you’ll find it here. Now-page is inspired by Derek Sivers..